Solar energy

Facts about solar energy

: Our fundamental energy source is the sun. [Applause] Solar energy technologies, or photovoltaic sources as they are also known, have improved dramatically in recent years. Unfortunately, except in several great action movies, it appears large-scale solar electricity solutions are impractical.

Passive solar is the low-tech art of collecting and distributing the heat energy of the sun to both spare homeowners in hot heather and use it to heat water and even bedrooms in locations where it is hot during the day and cool at night!

home solar power and commercial solar power solutions will continue to grow in importance on the local level, where solar power energy can supplement local electrical grids, effectively lowering demand on the grid and reducing demand for polluting energy sources. Check out some information on do it yourself heating passive solar

Solar power is generated through photo-voltaic cells or PV cells. There are two primary categories, off-grid and on-grid. Off-grid applications are used when it's cheaper than building connections to the utility grid. On-grid solutions are used primarily to reduce consumption, but can actually turn your electricity meter backwards, adding electricity to the grid instead of draining from it. diy heating passive solar