Renewable energy

Renewable energy refers to energy sources which are constantly replenished and will never run out;
there are many different sources of electricity that are renewable, including solar energy , wind power , landfill gas, hydrogen gas, biomass (converting the energy of organic matter) and biodiesel , geothermal energy (using the heat from the earth's crust).

Renewable energy solutions are infinite sources of energy which can be used to generate electricity.

It has been widely asserted that wind power alone could supply the U.S. with it's electricity. Currently, however, wind power accounts for a small percentage of energy generated from renewable sources, to see US Electricity generation facts about renewable energy by sector and source

What are renewable energy sources?
Solar energy , wind power , geothermal power, landfill gas, hydrogen, and biomass. Renewable energy accounts for about 8% of energy generated in the United States. 94% of that goes to commercial and industrial electricity and heating and cooling services.