DIY solar heating

Do it yourself, diy solar heating is a smart step for any homeowner interested in limiting energy consumption. Homes designed with these principles are shockingly uncommon. Many factors affect your solar capacity. Your location and orientation of the structure to the sun are the most important factors. Most people can make use of passive solar in their home even if it's not perfectly located.

Proper use of passive solar heating techniques can reduce energy consumption by 30% or more.

Some basic principles of passive solar heating

diy passive solar heating

A sun room on the south side of the house, or a "void space" will act as a regulation chamber. This room will have strategically placed south facing windows with temperature intake regulated by blinds. This void space is an area to trap heat which can be radiated throughout the house at night when the temperature drops. Windows, skylights, even chimneys allow for good air circulation so that the heat can be emptied from the chamber when it is not needed. Diy solar heating provides cool ways to reduce the energy use in your home.

Another important fact to remember for diy solar heating enthusiasts is that most heat is lost through the roof. Insulating your roof is absolutely crucial to maintaining heat in your home while skylights offer a way to release heat. What's right for you depends on your environment.