Clean electricity solutions
For our purposes we'll define clean electricity solutions as those with no hazardous or toxic by-product. In other words, it does not create greenhouse gases or contribute to acid rain and no nuclear waste to haul cross-country.

Solar power and wind power provide the cleanest sources of electricity followed by geothermal energy. Find out how you can reduce energy needs by 30% simply by using the heat of the sun with our diy heating passive solar information.

Dam-based hydro electricity is also clean electricity However, dam-based hydro power carries heavy side effects and since virtually every river in the U.S. is already dammed the total electricity provided by dams is unlikely to increase.

Hydrogen fuel cells create electricity by oxidizing hydrogen, the only byproduct is water. Unfortunately, there are significant technical challenges, so far no hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been delivered. Fuel cells seem to have a brighter future as home or backup power generators.

Sources of electricity Some might say that electricity is "clean" if it is emission free. However, the plan to haul thousands of tons of nuclear waste across the United States seems to undermine this assertion.